60 Second Binary Option Trading Strategy


In just eight years binary options have gone from being relatively unknown and a handful of brokers, to over four hundred brokers, recognition as a financial investment instrument and a rapidly increasing number of traders. Every binary trade has two possible outcomes; you predict the trade correctly and gain a pre-determined return on your investment, or, you get the trade wrong and lose your investment. In this aspect it has similarities to gambling, however, there is much more to binary options. Using a variety of tools and analytical information you can recognize trends and accurately predict price movements. This information can be used by anyone to place a trade and generate a return. In fact, one of the best qualities of binary trading is that anyone can do it; only a small amount of funds are required, combined with an easily established trading account. Of course, just because it is easy to try and accessible to most people, it does not mean that it is easy to be successful. To become a successful trader, whether using the 60 second binary options strategy or a longer term approach, requires a good level of understanding of the markets, asset movement and future possibilities. Much of this information is available in chart form from your chosen broker, but you will need to learn how to read and understand it.

The 60 Second Binary Options Strategy

Every binary trade has a pre-defined expiry time; this can be at the end of the day, in one hour or even, in just sixty seconds. The ability to complete trades quickly adds a level of excitement to your investing and provides you with the opportunity to complete many trades throughout the day. The more trades you place the better your chances of accumulating a good level of return each day; providing you study and understand the charts.

In order to successfully trade you will need to read price charts and these must reflect the movement of your asset in a short timescale. In effect, the charts will provide you with many peaks and troughs; you will need to trade either with the price or against it; if you believe it is about to turn. Timing is critical and having the very latest information is an invaluable aid.

As well as studying the charts you can learn to implement the 60 second binary options trading strategy by watching others who are already trading successfully. As with any type of investing, you can and will lose some funds along the way. The best way to ensure you can trade for the long term is to limit the amount you will invest either each day or on each trade. The best way to do this is to set an amount or a percentage of your available funds.

Putting it into practice

A fundamental principle of the economic markets is that the price of any asset will always correct itself if it becomes too overstretched; in fact, it will almost always endeavor to finish the day at approximately the same place as it started. This means that if you look at a price chart and see an asset which has been decreasing in price all morning, it is likely to be about to experience a reversal; the trick is to get the timing right. This approach can be aided by looking at the bigger picture of the market and noting whether the general trend for assets is up or down.

Implementing the sixty second binary options strategy means persevering. Even when the trades are not being successful, if you have evaluated the situation properly you may find yourself placing unsuccessful trades. One strategy which tends to work is to continue to place the same trades as the price will change and you will start generating a return. It is also recommended that, every time you win a trade, you invest seventy percent of the total returned amount (investment plus profit), in your next trade. This will help to cover any losses and leave you in a profit position. With a little practice the 60 second binary options strategy can help you trade successfully.

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