Is Ayrex a scam broker?


The Ayrex Scam purports to be award-winning binary options software. It is mean to give users the best technology to trade, it presents a very convincing image, but it is a dangerous scam! Ayrex claims it has been operating for two years. The scam legitimizes itself by using words that make website readers think they are honest, trustworthy, dependable and user-friendly; often with glowing ‘customer testimonials’ to support how easy the site is to use, or about the financial bonuses they’ve received.

Users of Ayrex sign up by completing a form. It’s possible to try out skills on a test account, before going live. Ayrex has different trading options, as well as one specifically targeted at Muslim traders, which is meant to comply with Sharia Law, and alleges it has benefits of no hidden costs, rates or fees. After users have created their account, and placed money into it; if that is one hundred dollars or more, a bonus will be added to it. The Ayrex scam offers competitions where it claims users can win £3,600 as a prize; there are notifications prior to competitions taking place. The site offers no option but to participate in the competitions, and it’s necessary to decide upon what course of action you’ll take, in order to outsmart your fellow traders, and have the opportunity to gain a $100 dollar prize. Once the competition has taken place, the most recent winners, and their location in the world is shown; this could be from Europe, or Africa, or other places. It’s possible to look at the winners’ names and photos, and see what profit they made. This makes the Ayrex scam appear very real and engaging for users; and serves to reinforce the fact that you ‘could’ win a prize no matter where you’re located, and that it is possible to make profits with binary option trading.

However it appears that the customer testimonials have been fabricated, and these people do not really exist. No customers can be contacted, and they have no other online footprint (which in this age, most people do with a wide variety of online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Pinterest etc.). Conveniently these elusive untraceable ‘customers’ have profits of more than $5000. How the bonuses work in Ayrex, is deliberately linked to the amount of money you place in the system, the greater the amount of money you deposit, the greater the bonus; this is to encourage naïve and trusting users to invest more of their money.

The awards that Ayrex alleges to have won, appear to have been fabricated; with awarding bodies that either do not exist, or have no link to Ayrex at all. The purpose of this, is clearly to present the image that Ayrex is prestigious, at the cutting edge of technology, and has an excellent reputation. Ayrex are pretending to be something they’re not; pretending to be better than they really are, and this should set alarm-bells ringing!

The Ayrex site is dubiously vague about how the Muslim option conforms to Sharia law, with no further explanation given as to how exactly this operates. The images of Ayrex’s software are images that appear to crop up in multiple other scam sites on the Internet, which again casts doubts on the veracity of the software.

This Ayrex software is a scam, and if you invest money you may well be likely to lose it. It is possible to make a profit from binary options, but it’s really important to thoroughly investigate the sites you use, and ensure they are reputable and not a scam.

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