Is Bloombex a scam broker?


One of the oldest BO trading platforms, which offers not only the standard services of binary investing but deals with forex exchange as well, is Bloombex. The broker that was established in 2009 has a long history but timing does not always match quality. Despite the fact that Bloombex claims to work with more than 100.000 traders, there is always some space for doubt concerning its reliability, which we are going to test in this review. Specifically, we analyze all assets of the platform against any signs of fraudulent schemes and present our conclusions to you.

Trustworthiness Test

By manipulating the marketing data, BO brokers often fool their traders. Indeed, it is quite easy to do. For instance, there might small delays, trader stalling or inaccurate information delivery. The bad thing is that you realize you have been tricked only after your money is taken away, which is why preliminary broker testing is a critical step. According to our analysis, Bloombex is a reliable platform that may be trusted in, due to its SpotOption operational system. This software is run by the most proficient trading companies of the world and has a long history of professional experience. Apart from safety, the excellent functionality of SpotOption is a solid advantage. As a result, Bloombex combines a great variety of innovative options that include pairs, 60 seconds, one touch, and many others.

Depositing & Withdrawing on Bloombex

The key function presented by any BO broker is the service of depositing and withdrawing. With the help of SSL encryption, Bloombex secures the funds of its clients. Moreover, the trading platform demands that all registered users sustain identity confirmation. It may be performed with the help of a credit card, ID, and current address certifying. The required documents are sent either per email or per fax. Only after the identification has been fully closed, you can start using your account.

There is a variety of payment methods to be used on Bloombox platform, which include credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, Moneybookers, PayPal, and CashU. Accordingly, there is a great list for you to choose from in order to sustain your transactions. You can be sure that all of them are completely safe, due to the proficient encryption that is imposed by Bloombex. Conclusively, the broker can not be a scam.

Testing Feedback on Bloombex

The next significant point for analysis is customers’ feedback. We should state that there are, definitely, some complaints concerning Bloombex work. It is justified by the fact that the platform requires high initial deposits ($300), which scare off the newcomers.

However, the platform is usually popular among experienced traders, who know for sure that initial deposits are not the indicators of broker’s efficiency. The reviews reveal that cooperation with Bloombex, mostly, ensures positive feedbacks. One of the optimal features, which justifies positive reviews, is a $50 bonus that are paid for initial deposits, as well as getting one more trader in cooperation with Bloombex.

Of course, negative feedbacks are always presented and that would rouse suspicions if the broker was discussed only in a positive light. Still, when we analyze the complaints, they, mostly come from the traders, who faced difficulties with trading, due to inefficiently made decisions. Thus, if we analyze all of the Bloombex reviews, you get a positive impression about the functioning of the platform.

Concluding Notes

To sum it up, Bllombex is a highly efficient platform that functions in the world of market industry for a long time. The success of the broker is primarily related to its great encryption parameters, secure activation scheme, as well as a focus on conscious, well-prepared traders with positive trading experiences.

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