Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies


Trading in binary options requires constant analysis of the markets to ensure you are confident in which direction prices are moving and which type of trade will provide you with the best chance of success. The more experienced you become the more likely it is that you will want to look at additional analytics and tools to help you trade better.

The binary option Bollinger band strategy is an extremely popular way of monitoring the markets and locating assets which are ready to reverse their price. This will enable you to trade against the current trend and make good rates of return.

The theory behind the binary option Bollinger band strategy is simply to create two bands on a chart. These bands will move in and out towards a central band. As the gap between the bands widens the market is likely to be volatile; if the gap is narrow then it can be very difficult to know which direction the price is about to move in. Understanding how to create these bands will assist you in applying them correctly.

The Application

You will need to have a dedicated chart to apply these bands to; almost any online chart will do as the process is simple. By using charting software the bands will appear on the chart for you. There are several lines; one is the moving average price of an asset over a set period of time. The second and third lines show standard deviations from the average; one above and one below.

As the lines snake across the chart, there will be times when the actual price passes one of the outer lines. This indicates that a price adjustment is imminent. You can choose to create a chart for a short or long timeframe and it will provide an excellent indication of when the market is stretched too far.

By studying the charts both historical prices and current ones you will easily be able to identify when the market is likely to be volatile and when you should place your trade. One of the greatest benefits in binary trading is the fact that you can trade both up and down the price. The binary option Bollinger band strategy has proved to be an extremely effective way of trading and generating a good rate of success.

It is worth noting that most forms of trading are subject to sudden losses; this is not the case when trading in binary options as you can place extremely short term trades when the market is volatile; allowing you to make the most of any market conditions.

Trading with Bollinger band strategy

There is risk associated with any type of trading, the safest approach is to wait for a price to move outside one of the bands and then look at how often and how quickly it has changed direction in the past. This will help you to decide when to place a trade and what expiry time to put on it; in general short term trades are better. If you wish to be absolutely certain you could add a second line and start your trade only when the price hits the second line.

It is essential to understand the strength of the market and any underlying trends. Even if a price has gone past its usual outer lines, if it still has a strong trend it may continue to rise or fall for an extended period of time. Without monitoring the strength of the trend you will not be able to trade successful with the binary option Bollinger band strategy.

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