Nadex Review


Nadex is an abbreviation of North American Derivatives Exchange; they are based in Chicago and are registered and regulated by the US government. This means that they have passed the most stringent financial regulations in the world and are now able to offer binary options brokerage services to traders around the world. Regulation is not enough by itself to establish a broker as fair and competitive, however, the number of positive comments regarding this site is enough to confirm that they not a scam.

The best way for any broker to establish a good reputation is to ensure their customers are well looked after and always treated fairly. This is a practice that NADEX seems to have perfected. The fact that they have an office which can actually be visited helps them to inspire confidence in those who wish to trade with them.

NADEX requires a minimum deposit of $100 before you can start trading; this is lower than the average demand and should help inexperienced traders to start in the industry. The minimum level of trade is set at $1 and all traders have access to a free demo account. This is an essential method of learning about the site and finding your way around. It is also a good way of practicing your strategies; whether you are new to binary options or have been trading in them for many years. The firm has built its own operating platform; this makes the demo account even more important as it will ensure you know how to access all the functions you need to successfully trade.

NADEX complies with strict US regulations and offers a platform which is accessible, competitive and fair to all traders. Trader comments have so far been extremely positive, the more comments which are received the easier it will be for future traders to decide whether this is the right broker for them or not.

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